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Artificial Intelligence is completely transforming the GovCon Industry!

A company, effectively using AI, can 10X their proposal quality and throughput!

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Business as usual means...Out of business!

FedGov Contracting is the Fastest Way to Wealth

  •   Trillion-dollar budgets
  •   Small Business Set Aside Program
  •   Billions in UNUSED Small Business Earmarks

Writing Labor-intensive Proposals are the Only Downside...Until Now!

If you know how...AI can do 90% of the work for you AND provide a higher scoring proposal!

AI enables your company to bid on MASSIVE contracts with 10% to 20% of the effort, previously required!

How 88% of the FASTEST GROWING GovCon Small Businesses WIN & Rapidly SCALE!

Nearly 9 out of 10 of the MOST SUCCESSFUL GovCon small businesses use ISO Certifications to both win and execute their contracts!  

In case you missed GCA's  Webinar to learn how to easily, quickly and affordably 
obtain ISO Certifications to rapidly grow your company, you can watch the 

Government Contracting Academy is the GovCon Industry's Leading Training Provider for Small Businesses

Here's why...We are NOT an MBA Program

GCA is so much more!    
At many elite MBA programs, less than 15% of their business professors have actual business experience. 

100% of GCA Mentors are Proven GovCon "Industry Insiders" and Entrepreneurs!
 We  get  what  you  need.

GCA's GovCon Advanced Program and ISO QuickCert Program are PERFECT for You...If You're Ready To:

  • Launch a professionally rewarding career as a company Founder, Owner and CEO 
  • Learn about the world's largest customer (the FedGov) where only 5% of US companies sell 
  • Pursue the BILLIONS of DOLLARS in Small Business Set Aside Program earmarks left on the table every year 
  • Be mentored by a GovCon "industry insider" entrepreneur who has won BILLIONS of DOLLARS in FedGov contracts 
  • Make generational wealth a CHOICE for your family by turning GovCon success into a "numbers game" 
  • Change your life forever!

Jumpstart Your Success:   The GovCon Advanced Program...

  • Includes 25 Courses containing OVER 150 LESSONS!  Courses cover EVERY aspect of leading a successful GovCon company
  • Delivers 100% ACTIONABLE knowledge! Think of GCA as an extremely inexpensive and practical "GovCon MBA"
  • Provides HUNDREDS of business tools, processes, and templates, including SAMPLE WINNING PROPOSALS
  • Entails WEEKLY Program Q&A Sessions with a GovCon "industry insider" to dive deeper into material and to address specific questions

GCA FedGov Contracting Advanced Program

A Comprehensive Overview of FedGov Contracting Industry

  • Industry insider tips on how to exploit the vast advantages of the GovCon industry 
  • Develop and manage an opportunity pipeline with the highest Pwin and ROI possible
  • Learn to turn a proposed 5% profit bid into a 30%+ profit contract 

How to launch a Highly Competitive GovCon Business

  • A step-by-step process  to launch a fully compliant and legal GovCon small business
  • Obtain corporate credentials and discriminators for a competitive edge
  • Create infrastructure plans that save money and ensure smooth contract transitions 

Learn to Leverage the Small Business Set Aside Program

  • Learn to leverage a small subcontract into bidding on massive set aside contracts
  • Master the process to write highly scored set aside proposals  
  • Develop and convey corporate maturity to score competitively on proposal risk ratings

GovCon Training Program With an "Operations-in-a-Box" Set of Business Tools, Processes & Templates

Normally $13,999

$6,999            For a VERY LIMITED TIME:   50% Off to help you accomplish your New Year's Resolution!

  • 12-Month Training Program taught by a proven GovCon serial entrepreneur, providing you 100% ACTIONABLE knowledge!
  • Live Q&A Webinar Sessions with a GovCon industry expert every 1 to 2 weeks 
  • GCA's Operations-in-a-Box:  A set of HUNDREDS of proven business processes, templates & tools to help support business operations
  • Sample proposal content for nearly every possible RFP requirement  
  • 10,000+ GovCon executive leads with contact info
  • $1000 ISO QuickCert Program discount
  • Licensed use of GCA logo for website and marketing
  • Now with a convenient, affordable Monthly Payment Plan of only $600/month!

GCA's ISO QuickCert Program can put your company in the TOP 1% of US Companies in Quality and Maturity!
(Two ISO Certifications will put you in the TOP 0.1%!) 

GCA's ISO QuickCert Program include the following...

  • 100% certifiable ISO documents that are customized to your company's industry, services, and leadership. GCA documents have been audited countless times and are seamlessly integrated into your business processes!
  • Consulting & training to successfully and quickly launch and use your company's ISO Program.  GCA has helped countless small businesses obtain ISO Certifications!  We know what's important and what's noise.
  • Certification audit preparation to make your audit incredibly easy.  We know what questions are asked during the ISO certifying audit and ensure that you are fully prepared! A GCA expert in ISO will PARTICIPATE in your audit as your "contract employee."
  • All-Inclusive pricing.  The ISO QuickCert price is the TOTAL COST to become ISO Certified!  It includes fully customized ISO documents, training modules to use your ISO Program, and audit preparation.  And...GCA COVERS THE COST OF THE CERTIFICATION AUDIT!
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!  GCA is so confident in our ISO QuickCert Program that our services come with a 100% money back guarantee, so you have zero risk with GCA!
  • 100% ISO Certification Audit pass rate! If you need ISO Certification FAST, then GCA is your best and least expensive options!

And getting ISO certified is easier than you think...

GCA's ISO QuickCert Programs add IMMEDIATE value to your company!

Use ISO to Win More Prime and Sub-Contracts

  • Obtain Proposal Points for Each ISO Certification on Large Contract Vehicle Bids 
  • Leverage ISO Certifications for Proposal Strengths to Attain Purple/Blue Ratings 
  • Maximize Your Quality Control Plan and Management Proposal Section Scores

Use ISO to Improve Corporate Maturity and Scalability

  • Documented Business Processes Ensure Consistent, High-Quality Results 
  • Enables Data-Driven Decision-Making to Improve Company Performance 
  • Formal Risk Management Program Addresses Company ThreatsList item four

ISO Certification Is Easier Than You Think With GCA's QuickCert

  • ISO Certification is Easiest for Small Businesses and Startups
  • No Contracts or Revenue is Required for Certification 
  • GCA's QuickCert Program Guarantees ISO Certification Within Weeks

Learn about GCA Founder, Randy Wimmer

"I knew that if I didn't launch my company then I wouldn't be able to provide for my family in the ways that I wanted to. They would suffer the consequences of my fear and failure."
Randy Wimmer 

ISO Certification Academy QuickCert Programs

Place Your Company in the Top 0.1% of All U.S. Companies in Quality Management   


Normally $11,999 

For Limited Time Only $6,999!

  • A comprehensive, self-paced GovCon curriculum, including 25+ course and 150+ actionable lessons
  • QuickStart Methodology that can fast track your pursuit of lucrative subcontracts with 2-3 months!
  • Business Development-in-a-Box that includes numerous proposal writing example sections from winning bids, templates and proposal review procedures
  • Operations-in-a-Box that includes hundreds of directly relevant GovCon processes, procedures and templates to guide your day-to-day operations and support scalability
  • Weekly Cohort meetings to create synergy with other GCA companies and office hours with a GovCon expert  
  • Comprehensive AI Module being included in August! PURCHASE NOW BEFORE PRICES SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASE!


Normally $32,999 

For Limited Time Only $21,998!

  • With less than 0.1% of US companies possessing these prestigious credentials, your company will standout from its competition and demonstrate your corporate maturity, becoming the low-risk bid
  • A comprenensive set of documents that fully address both ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 27001 Information Security Management ISO Standards
  • Both ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 Programs are fully tailored to your company and industry
  • Both ISO Systems are Fully Integrated, Eliminating Program Requirement Duplication 
  • Tailored ISO Program documents, sample ISO Records and an online ISO training makes you ready for ISO Certification in WEEKS
  • Money-Back Guarantee that you will obtain BOTH your ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 Certification

GovCon and ISO Bundles

MasterMind Bundle:  
GCA GovCon Training Program AND
ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 QuickCert Program

A $27,000 Value for Only...

 $23,998      GCA's BEST VALUE PACKAGE!

GCA's Full Advanced GovCon Training Program

  • 25+ Course (150+ Lesson) Advanced Training Program providing a comprehensive GovCon curriculum
  • Weekly Cohort Meetups and offices hours with a GovCon expert
  • Operations-in-a-Box:  a set of HUNDREDS of proven business processes, templates & tools to help support business operations
  • Business Development-in-a-Box:  numersous sample winning proposal sections, proposal writing processes, templates, etc.
Combined ISO 9001 QMS AND ISO 27001 Information Security Management System QuickCert Program

  • Everything in the ISO 9001 QMS QuickCert Program Plus Receive a Fully Customized & Compliant Set of ISO 27001 Documents
  • Both ISO Systems are Fully Integrated, Eliminating Program Requirement Duplication
  • With ISO 9001 and ISO 27001, you'll be in the top 0.1% of US companies possessing these prestigious credentials, giving you a competitive advantage over other bidders
  • ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 Certification with a Money-Back Guarantee

Ready for Revenue Program
Acquire an ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 Certified GovCon Company with FULL Marketing


For those who want to start NOW with a "Franchise-like" Playbook!

  • Everything in the MasterMind Bundle...PLUS
  • Essentially acquiring a GovCon company with...
  • ISO 9001 Certification
  • ISO 27001 Certification
  • A Professional Company Website
  • A Professional Company LinkedIn Page
  • Full Set of Marketing  Material to Include: A Capability Statement, A Capability Brief, and Marketing Brochures
  • SAM Registration
  • 1-on1 Mentoring with a GCA GovCon expert and mentor 
  • Massive Outreach Strategy to directly market to tens of thousands of GovCon industry business development professionals in need of highly credentialled small business partners to meet their subcontracting set aside requirements