Think You Can't Win Government Contracts...Think Again!

FedGov Contracting Business 101 Course 

A Comprehensive Overview of FedGov Contracting Industry

  • Industry insider tips on how to exploit the vast advantages of the GovCon industry 
  • Develop and manage an opportunity pipeline with the highest Pwin and ROI
  • Learn to turn a proposed 5% profit bid into a 30%+ profit contract 

How to launch a Highly Competitive GovCon Business

  • A step-by-step process  to launch a fully compliant and legal GovCon small business
  • Obtain corporate credentials and discriminators for a competitive edge
  • Create infrastructure plans that save money and ensure smooth contract transitions 

Learn to Leverage the Small Business Set Aside Program

  • Learn to leverage a small subcontract into bidding on massive set aside contracts
  • Master the process to write highly scored set aside proposals  
  • Develop and convey corporate maturity to score competitively on proposal risk ratings

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Course Curriculum